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Forensic Pioneer 4 scored 37 points, starring Li Shihua thought dazzling

“Forensic Pioneer 4” scored 37 points, starring Li Shihua thought dazzling
A few days ago, the TVB TV series “Forensic Pioneer 4” held a press conference in Hong Kong, announcing that the show premiered 7 days cross-platform viewing up to 37.At 1 point, an average of 2.4 million people watched.At the press conference, all cast members put on purple clothes to thank Mei Xiaoqing, the producer of the show who loves purple.When the reporter at the scene asked how the show starred Huang Haoran and how Chen Wei celebrated, they all said that they would not celebrate for the time being and waited for everyone to have dinner together when the epidemic passed.Li Shihua, the other star of the show who is working in Canada, also released photos that allowed two dogs to love, with an O-shaped mouth, indicating the surprise of the ratings of the show, “Is there any dazzle? 37.1. I saw this news early in the morning.thanks for your support.The hard work and effort behind the stage is worth it.”Li Shihuan starred in” Forensic Pioneer 4 “, saying that it is easy to get high ratings.The picture comes from the network. On February 17, the TVB criminal detection script “Forensic Pioneer 4” was broadcast simultaneously on Youku TV and Youku.As a sequel to the “Forensic Pioneer” series after nine years, although “Forensic Pioneer 4” has undergone a major change in the lead role, it does not affect the enthusiasm of the audience.However, compared to the popularity, the play’s word of mouth is not satisfactory, and the Douban score is only 6.1. Average score 8 with the first three.1 is far apart.Some viewers said that they paid more attention to “Forensic Pioneer 4” because of “feelings”, and some viewers bluntly said that they were concerned because of the epidemic situation.Sauna, Ye Wang Zhang He editor Tong Na proofreading Wei Zhuo