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Zhang Yuning won the best player of the month, using Guo’an is the champion to inspire the team

Zhang Yuning won the best player of the month, using “Guo’an is the champion” to inspire the team
Zhang Yuning chose to engrave “Guo’an is the champion” on the trophy.Sauna, Ye Wang, Zhou Xiaoshe Today, Beijing Zhonghe Guoan Club antiqued the best player award ceremony of August and September.Zhang Yuning, the national Olympic youngster who won this period, chose to engrave the phrase “Guo’an is the champion” on the trophy. He expressed his hope that this will encourage the team.Because there are the most events in August and September, two months are combined to select the best player.The club awarded a lucky fan to draw a prize for Zhang Yuning through the Weibo draw.The fan sent a blessing to Zhang Yuning at the scene: “I hope you can score more in the future and bring more honor to Guoan.”Zhang Yuning also responded to the support of the Beijing fans for the team and him,” thanks to the fans who are present every time. Before joining Guoan, I did not realize such a big situation.Every time I scored or was injured, the fans would send blessings as soon as possible, which made me very moved.Zhang Yuning ‘s choice of engraving on the trophy is different from that of Yu Dabao and Augusto, who had won the award before.Are there, hoping to gradually encourage the teammates.The team is under pressure now. This is normal. There are still 4 rounds in the league. We cannot afford to relax, because anything can happen.”This slogan is more about motivation,” from a subjective point of view, we cannot give up.Of course, we still have many seasons in the future, and we still have a lot of time to fight, so this is our goal, not a hard indicator.”The outside world is generally concerned about Zhang Yuning’s shoulder injury, and he feels helpless about this:” This is the third time the shoulder is injured, and it has been repeated for a long time.Now if you want to cure, you need to go through surgery, but the club and the Olympic team have tasks, and the time is not legal.Now we have to fix it, spray glue before every training match to prevent another injury.Of course I have to bear the risk of being injured again.”In the Air Force’s Olympic preliminary group draw, the Chinese Olympic team was in the same group as Uzbekistan, South Korea and Iran. When asked about this question, Zhang Yuning’s attitude was very optimistic:” The opponents in this group are very strong, many people willLow us.But it is also an opportunity for us to let go of the burden and give full play to our level.”