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Ace Family did not change!The reunion of The Pearl

“Ace Family” did not change!The reunion of “The Pearl”
The fifth season of “Ace to Ace” official announcement announced that it will be officially broadcast on Zhejiang Satellite TV at 21:20 on Friday, February 21st.In the Air Force, “Ace vs. Ace 5” was originally scheduled to premiere on January 30. Later, the broadcast was delayed due to the epidemic, and the original recording plan was also replaced.It is reported that “Ace vs. Ace 5” will continue the fourth season of the original cast, Shen Teng, Jia Ling, Hua Chenyu, Guan Xiaotong all returned to the “ace family.”In the Air Force, the “Ace Family” participated in the “Cloud Recording” of Zhejiang Satellite TV’s “Our House Together” to warm up “Ace vs. Ace 5”.Shen Teng turned into a funny “beauty blogger”, in his own bathroom video, showing the daily work of using skin care products and massage the face.Jia Ling turned into a “broadcast” anchor and “cloud” with everyone to eat hot pot.Hua Chenyu, who is busy recording variety shows, has exposed his layout for the first time on many occasions, and also shows the picture of home cooking.Guan Xiaotong stayed at home and insisted on keeping fit by exercising.Sauna, Ye Wang Zhang He editor Tong Na proofreading Li Xiangling